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Total-Sinochem has proudly launched its one-stop fuel stations with leading technologies and world class standards, committed to providing comprehensive quality services.


Total-Sinochem Service

Based on global leading values and people oriented morals, Sinochem and Total reached an agreement in 2005 and founded Total-Sinochem. The joint venture is not only aimed to achieve technical innovation to satisfy future energy demand, but provide regular and rigorous training to employees. It is exactly such a pursuit of the best in both soft and hard power that makes the Top Service standards of Total-Sinochem.


Total-Sinochem Trust

The ease and convenience of international top technology are frequently experienced at Total-Sinochem fuel stations. "It's rare to see such a dedicated gas station as Total-Sinochem. Employees take the initiative to clean my windshield, asking if I need oil change. I can always find what I need here and take delight in its environment. I've grown attached to it," Commented by Total-Sinochem's old customers.


Bigger Vision, More Actions

Upon entering China, Total-Sinochem introduced world leading oil/gas recycling technology, bringing leap-forward development to the whole industry. With the increase of auto business and user demand, Total-Sinochem, by means of its successful experiences, is confidently expanding outlets to provide more high-quality service; it not only fills your car, but fuels China's gas-filling industry.


A Few Information on Total-Sinochem History

Total is working together with Sinochem to build and operate two retail networks: 200 stations in northern China and 300 in eastern China. Total-Sinochem Fuels Co., Ltd., covers Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning and Hebei in northern China, while Total-Sinochem Oil Co., Ltd., serves Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang in southern China.

An integral part of Total Sinochem's retail development in China is to develop non fuel activities in parallel to core fuels business, such as convenience shops, car wash, rapid oil change and food service. Our modern, clean and well laid out shops give our customers the most convenience possible with 24 hours 7 day availability. Our core range of convenience products offered at fair prices together with industry leading promotional deals gives motorists multiple choices and pleasant surprise.


About Sinochem


Sinochem Group was founded in 1950. Its predecessor was China National Chemicals Import and Export Corporation. Sinochem, headquartered in Beijing, is a key state-owned enterprise under the supervision of State Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) under the State Council.

Sinochem's core businesses span over energy, agriculture, chemicals, real estate and financial service. It is one of China's four largest state-owned oil companies, China's biggest integrated agricultural input operator (including fertilizer, seeds and agrochemicals), and China's leading comprehensive chemical service provider. It also exerts strong influence in real estate and non-banking financial service sectors. As a global conglomerate with market orientation, Sinochem's quality product and service are relevant to many aspects of mass economy and people's daily life. Its brand enjoys high recognition around the world.

Sinochem currently owns more than 300 subsidiaries inside and outside China. It controls several listed companies including Sinochem International (SH, 600500), Sinofert (HK, 00297) and Franshion Properties (HK,00817), and is the largest shareholder of Far East Horizon (HK, 03360). In June 2009, Sinochem Group established Sinochem Corporation as the vehicle for potential group IPO.

Sinochem is China's earliest entrant in Fortune Global 500 and has entered the list for 24 times, ranking 107th in 2014. Sinochem has been listed in "World's Most Admired Companies" by Fortune for 2 consecutive years, both ranking the first in Trading Industry List. Through years of strategic transformation and management overhaul, Sinochem has maintained a sustainable, healthy and rapid development. It has been rated as "Grade-A Corporate" in SASAC's performance assessment for 10 years in a row.

Sinochem's vision is to become a respectable company with global status. Our 50,000 employees will follow the corporate doctrine of "Creating Value, Pursuing Excellence", shoulder our social responsibility as corporate citizen, adopt scientific development approach to realize sustainable business potency, and bring fortune to all stakeholders and improve the wellbeing of the general public.


Development History


For the past 65 years, Sinochem has been taking responsibilities to create value for the country as well as the society. It actively explores the rule of corporate development to make itself bigger, better and stronger. Sinochem has transformed itself from an old-fashioned state-owned trading company into a brand-new SOE with strong competitive edge and influence in related industries, making contribution to the country's prosperity.

From 1950 to 1997, Sinochem was mainly focused on the trading of commodities including petroleum,fertilizer and chemical products. Sinochem has fully fulfilled the mandate given by the State, supporting China's economic construction. After China's opening and reform, Sinochem proactively explores its own reform and development route,strengthening its business presence, playing an important role promoting the institutional reform and development of China's trading sector.

From 1998 to 2008, Sinochem has prevailed against the solvency crisis brought by Asian Financial Crisis. By following the mega-trend of market-oriented reform, Sinochem had been incessantly promoting its management renovation and strategic transformation.As a result, Sinochem has remolded itself into a new SOE with advanced management style and global business presence from a traditional trading company heavily reliant on government patronage.

In 2009, Sinochem launched its new initiative called "The Third Long March". In the next 10 years,Sinochem will quadruple its profit, implement lean management and enjoy global competiveness for its core businesses. Sinochem will become a multinational company with leading market position in China and strong industrial influence around the globe. In the past couple of years, Sinochem has overcome the intricate external business environment, accelerated its business transformation, maintained solid development and enhanced its overall capability.


Vision & Mission


Sinochem's Vision:

◆ To become a respectable company with global status.


Sinochem's Mission:

◆ To become the industry model featuring advanced technology, resources reservation and environmental friendliness.

◆ To become an important driving force safeguarding Chinese energy security, agricultural security and promoting chemical industrial upgrading.

◆ To become a respectable company with global status and great social responsibility.


Total at a Glance: Fourth-Largest Global Oil and Gas Company (1)

Readily available energy helps to drive progress. In building a responsible energy future, we must ensure that each individual has access to energy and that energy is used in the most efficient way possible.

This is the environment in which we conduct our business. With operations in more than 130 countries, we are a leading international oil and gas company. We produce, refine and market oil and manufacture petrochemicals. We are also a major player in natural gas and rank second in solar energy with sunpower. Demonstrating their commitment to better energy, our 100,000 employees help supply our customers around the world with safer, cleaner, more efficient and more innovative products that are accessible to as many people as possible. We work alongside our stakeholders to ensure that our operations consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits.


A Market Leader in Our Areas of Expertise

Exploration & Production is responsible for our oil and natural gas exploration, development and production activities in more than 50 countries.

Gas & Power unlocks the value of our natural gas assets. Its capabilities span the liquefied natural gas chain, from liquefaction to shipping and regasification, as well as natural gas marketing.

Refining & Chemicals is a major production hub, with expertise covering refining, petrochemicals and specialty chemicals. We rank as one of the world's ten largest integrated producers.(2)

Trading & Shipping sells our crude oil production, supplies our refineries with feedstock, charters the vessels required for those activities and is involved in derivatives trading. We are a leading global trader of oil and petroleum products.

Marketing & Services designs and markets a broad array of refined products, including automotive fuel and specialty products such as lubricants, special fluids, LPG, heating and heavy fuel oil, asphalt, additives and special fuels. It also provides services to consumers and to the transportation, housing and manufacturing industries. We are a leading marketer in Western Europe(3) and the top marketer in Africa.(3)

New Energies is helping us to prepare the energy future by developing our expertise in two core renewable energies, solar and biomass.


An International Shareholder Base (4)

TOTAL S.A. is a société anonyme [limited company] incorporated in France in March 1924 and listed on the Paris, Brussels, London and New York stock exchanges. We have the highest market capitalization on the Paris Bourse, at €101.4 billion at end-2014.

Our company is led by Chairman of the Board of Directors Thierry Desmarest and Chief Executive Officer Patrick Pouyanné.


Total's Key Figures

We employ more than 100,000 people worldwide, men and women of all backgrounds who help move us forward each day. We also reported sales of $236.1 billion in 2014 (€177.7 billion) from strategically related activities and have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility. Institutional investors hold 87% of our share capital. A quick reference guide to who we are.

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(1) Based on market capitalization in U.S. dollars at December 31, 2014.

(2) Source: Company data based on 2014 consolidated revenue.

(3) Source: Based on publicly available information based on quantities sold.

(4) Estimates at December 31, 2014 excluding Treasury shares. 

TOTAL in Brief

TOTAL in Brief

TOTAL in China

TOTAL in China